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360 Security provides 360° of protection, backed by a leading antivirus engine. Our intelligent boost and clean technology keeps your device junk-free and fast.

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Real-time protection, at all times

Dynamically updated cloud and antivirus database in real-time, protects you from emerging viruses, Trojans and malware

Impossibly fast smartphone acceleration

360 Security's "Boost" feature intelligently manages your device's memory usage to ensure that your phone is running optimally.

Keep your device spotless, like it's still new

The most comprehensive cleaner, 360 Security not only cleans your device but also uninstalls software and deletes unwanted APKs in just one tap.

Reliable and caring


Clea Traben "Fast, neat, & practical!?It really works fast & in a couple of minutes you have your apps running faster & the battery life extended."

Betty Goodwin "360 security?Bioast clean up antiviral I was amazed by the app it's wonderful to have thanks to everyone who came up with this app it is great."

Andrew Kidd "Works great.?I really like this application. It performs just as advertised.I have full confidence that my systems are safe and running up to speed."

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